Super Bowl 53

Super Bowl 53 Live : Many news channels report that Maroon 5 will become part of Super Bowl 2019. The group could become part of the halftime entertainment. Many people have voted for the band to make it to that event. There is no doubt that they will add color to the game.

The music the band will perform is not yet clear. There are many possibilities. Many fans are demanding that they perform its older pop rock rendition such as The Moves like Jagger, This Love and so on. From speculations going on, it is likely that they could collaborate with Kendrick Lamar and Cardi B. This means that the group could work with rappers.

The band can collaborate well with Cardi B. The group produced the popular rendition known as I Like It. The music was special and it is rated the hottest hit of the year. Many fans will expect that they perform that rendition at halftime.

The halftime show will not be different from what was known in the past. It will take the same format as done by past artists who have performed that functions in the past. In the past, the likes of Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Coldplay had taken halftime show. Different singers and acts joined each of these performers in their own time. Currently Maroon 5 bands is in the tour and they are promoting the 2017 album, which is known as the Red Pill Blues. Even though they are on tour, they will make themselves available for the super bowl, which will be holding in Mercedes Benz Stadium of February 03.

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